Advising contracting authorities and tenderers on the legal aspects at all stages of the procurement process is the core of our practice.

Especially contracting authorities are subject to scrutiny whenever they need to procure works, goods or services. Virtually all decisions made with regard to the procurement process are subject to judicial review. This poses a significant risk of severe delays. Therefore, the primary aim of our advice is to ensure a legally compliant process.

We believe that effective advice needs to consider all phases of the procurement process. For this reason we support our clients not only in the execution of procurements but also during the earlier stages of defining and structuring future contracts’ subject matters. In addition to ensuring compliance with European and national regulations we strive to deliver the operationally most advantageous solution for contracting authorities, drawing on our knowledge in the IT, healthcare, emergency services, education and public infrastructure sectors.

We support and represent contracting authorities in all disputes concerning public procurements.

Tenderers in procurement procedures need to balance the often conflicting goals of gaining the best possible chance of being awarded the contract and safeguarding their interests against breaches of procurement law by contracting authorities. Deciding on the right strategy for the procedure is of particular importance given the usually high contract values in public procurements. Therefore, the primary focus of our advice in procurement procedures is to develop the most advantageous strategy based on our profound legal expertise and long years of experience and taking into account operational considerations.

We support tenderers in their submission of formally and legally compliant tenders and in enforcing their rights during procurement and procurement review procedures.